a pleasant touch

The decovin® brand is synonymous with upscale artificial leather or vinyl imitation leather that is robust, classy and easy to clean all at once. Depending on the surface finish, PVC artificial leather is ideal for high-traffic areas of use and is also used in hotels, restaurants, retirement homes and nursing homes.

This synthetic leather, with its classic, timeless leather-grain texture, cosy softness and pleasant touch, offer the best qualities for upholstering chairs. Our textile leather is also robust and very easy to clean.

Colours according to product line Decovin Nappa of the Winter Creation.


Cleaning and care with warm water or with a bit of curd soap if necessary. In general, “less is more”! Do not use any abrasive agents. Ideally you should use a clean, damp cotton or microfibre cloth. Then dry off the surface using a soft, dry cloth.

Webshop for care products

Simply order suitable care sets for tables and chairs online in the webshop.

All care sets have been tested on our materials and surfaces. The shop is operated by our partner and care specialist LCK GmbH.

You can also conveniently purchase the original WILLISAU SWITZERLAND care set for oiled wooden surfaces in the shop.

To the shop: www.willisaugroup.moebelpflegeshop.ch



Silicone, the high-tech material we’re all familiar with from the med tech sector and the food industry, can potentially be put to innovative use in furniture upholstery applications.

Without any additional finishes and additives whatsoever, the material is flame-retardant and antibacterial, not to mention resistant to stains, oils, grease, mould, disinfectant and alcohol. It is extremely resistant to stains and discolouration (e.g. denim dyes). All the colours have excellent light fastness values.

decosil® is made of pure silicone, is PVC-free and contains no chemical additives. It is also manufactured in line with the latest environmental standards.