Quality persists - which is why we have a ripe age.

«A bit long in the tooth» No one likes to hear that. We actually do! For they say we are valued makers of tables and chairs since 1928. Born in the heart, grown in mind, perfected by hand – our pieces of furniture are still going through the same procedure today.


Many people are fed up with off-the-shelf furniture and appreciate our flexibility as much as that of our collections. Our brand, which is highly appreciated at home and abroad, is synonymous for functional furniture with added value. Being an SME, we manufacture pieces with character. And they have friends: Dealers, customers and juries of design awards. We owe our persisting success to them.


With the quality seal «création suisse» we make big promises - and keep them. It is our commitment to tradition and our responsibility for the future. We link "Made in Switzerland" to the responsibility we have towards you and our furniture. Our strict production standards guarantee for utmost quality and artisanry of every single piece of furniture. We tailor every piece especially and individually to your needs and demands - per commission and upon receipt of the individual orders. Professional service is included for you can always contact us even after purchase.


«We have joy in artisanry, precious materials, form and function. You can see that in our furniture» Patrick Brunner, CEO is convinced. He and his team are passionately committed to their furniture manufacture full of tradition, which has been writing history since 1923. The first chapter was written by 15 employees, who produced household items and kitchen furniture. The second chapter followed soon: In 1928, Volksbank Willisau and furniture factory Nyffeler and Jordi based in Strengelbach founded the public limited company «Holzwaren- und Möbelfabrik AG in Willisau-Stadt». Nowadays, more than 50 employees work on many more chapters of this great design history made in Switzerland.

A successful path


1928 Foundation of the factory by Volksbank Willisau together with Nyffeler and Jordi, furniture factory Strengelbach
1929 Construction of factory building at today's site
1939 Albert Bleuer becomes director. The company develops successfully
1943 The consortium Albert Bleuer, Hermann Leisi and Eugen Meyer takes over the company. Foundation of residential neighbourhood Sänti in the same year. The building land is given to the employees as a gift.
1983 Eugen Meyer becomes sole shareholder
1988 The majority of shares is sold to Elsbeth Stöckli-Amrein
1989 Acquisition of a minority participation by upholstery maker Heinz Bader
1990 Eugen Meyer sells his remaining shares to Willi and Elsbeth Stöckli-Amrein and gives his position as chairman of the management board to Elsbeth Stöckli
1997 Foundation of subsidiary "Tisch & Stuhl Willisau AG", today's actively operating company
2000 Appearance on the market under the label "Willisau Switzerland"
2002 Design award "H.I.T. Best" for table VARION
2007 The majority of shares goes to Patrick Brunner and Erwin Bachmann
2007 The company expands, mainly into European, but also into international markets
2007 Good Design Award for table VELIA
2008 reddot Design Award for table VARION E7 and for the iTable
2009 Patrick Brunner acquires majority of shares and becomes chairman of the management board
2009 German Design Award nominees: tables VELIA, VARION E7, iTable
2009 German design award for table VARINO
2010 Patrick Brunner becomes sole shareholder
2014 Interior Innovation Award for table SAVONA and chair COMO
2014 German Design Award Nominees: table SAVONA and chair COMO
2015 iF Design Award for tables VULCANO and MANDAS
2016 Takeover of Zumsteg Collection AG

The in- and outdoor furniture maker will be continued as Zumsteg Collection AG. Patrick Brunner will be CEO of both companies in the future.

WILLISAU SWITZERLAND today (Showroom jan 2021)