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Standard colors ceramic 8 mm


revolutionary and unique

Ceramic is a revolutionary and one-of-a-kind product - harder than granite, lighter than aluminium, flexible and processable with techniques that are suitable for glass and natural stone. International laboratories and research institutes have certified the extraordinary quality of WILLISAU ceramics with the help of strict tests. Ceramic is an inimitable material that stands out due to its technological and aesthetical features. It has an extremely versatile surface with a great visual effect that is resistant, reliable, practical and long-lasting at the same time.

Ceramic’s particular properties are the result of an innovative production process involving the careful selection of raw materials, revolutionary compression technology and a particular firing process in electric, environmentally-friendly kilns. Ceramic is manufactured exclusively from natural materials such as clay, feldspar and natural non-organic pigments. The properties can be outlined as follows:

WILLISAU ceramic can withstand both organic and non-organic solvents. Disinfectants and detergents will not damage the surface. The surface properties will remain the same if cleaned. The only substance that can damage WILLISAU ceramic in any way is hydrofluoric acid.

Our ceramic is completely food-safe, as it does not give off any substances. No mould, mildew or bacteria can penetrate the surface.

Our ceramic is made of 100% non-organic substances, and is a non-combustible material. Our ceramic will not smoke or give off toxins in a fire.

Even when exposed to heat, the shape and surface of ceramic remains stable.

Ceramic is frost-resistant and can cope in any atmospheric and climatic conditions; it also absorbs almost no moisture (coefficient of nearly 0).

Ceramic has an abrasion-resistant and completely scratch-proof porcelain surface, with a hardness of 8 on the Mohs scale (industrial diamonds have a hardness of 10). This means that its properties remain the same even after intensive use and frequent cleaning.

WILLISAU SWITZERLAND ceramic is completely UV-resistant, as it contains no organic pigments.

Environmentally friendly and recyclable:
Our ceramic is a 100% natural product, and is manufactured from the same raw materials as conventional china. It does not damage the environment and can be very easily ground up and recycled for other production processes.

Due to the unique production process, ceramic may naturally exhibit minor impurities (small colour differences, pigmentation marks, minor protrusions / indentations or stripes depending on the light) and variations in size which still meeting recognised quality standards and are no cause for complaint. Like glass, ceramic is an extremely hard material, and as such is sensitive to impact on the edges. This can cause cracks to appear in the material.



  • Abrasive, Meister Proper - leave residues!
  • Glass cleaner (e.g. Ajax - are too inefficient against fat and limestone residues


Cleaning agent

  • Cif or Vim
  • Cleaning foam (with blue or green interface)


  1. Use a cleaning foam (blue side for normal stains/green side for persistent stains) to rub Cif in circularly with a little water on the table plate.
  2. Leave it on for a few minutes.
  3. Subsequently, rinse off with a piece of fibre cloth.

Webshop for care products

Simply order suitable care sets for tables and chairs online in the webshop.

All care sets have been tested on our materials and surfaces. The shop is operated by our partner and care specialist LCK GmbH.

You can also conveniently purchase the original WILLISAU SWITZERLAND care set for oiled wooden surfaces in the shop.

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