like suede

alcantara® has evolved and simply radiates beauty and elegance! The new generation is more sustainable, carbon neutral and thus even more ecological than before!

alcantara® is soft and supple, yet strong and sturdy. At the same time, the material is scratch-resistant, easy to clean and durable.

Colours according to product line ALCANTARA ® of the Winter Creation.


Microfibre (micro fabric) are easy to care for. Just treated with a mild soap and a bit of water (damp cloth wrung out), the microfabrics will retain their beauty. Never rub to strongly even with heavy spots. Never use any chemical cleaning agents!

Only use perchlorethylene.

  • Treat stains immediately
  • To prevent lines from developing, clean from the outside working toward the centre of the stain
  • Never apply solvents directly to the fabric, and use a clean cloth
  • Do not prop up or set down before the material is completely dry
  • Went completely dry, loosen the nap back up with a soft brush

Webshop for care products

Simply order suitable care sets for tables and chairs online in the webshop.

All care sets have been tested on our materials and surfaces. The shop is operated by our partner and care specialist LCK GmbH.

You can also conveniently purchase the original WILLISAU SWITZERLAND care set for oiled wooden surfaces in the shop.

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