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Our app means that furnishing professionals and design enthusiasts have the multifaceted WILLISAU SWITZERLAND product range at their fingertips, even in digital format and featuring all the design options to enable custom planning. So there are no more limits to your imagination.

Your demands deserve only the best. A sophisticated collection, in an impressive setting. The application is easy to use. Smart support functions quickly take you to where you need to be.

We’ve thought about and designed our very own app just for you. A configurator that turns your ideas and concepts into a reality. In either a virtual setting or simply in augmented form.

visualise ideas

Available on a variety of devices: all PCs, laptops, tablets and Android devices, or on iOS using web browsers and as an app on iPad.

Get started right away in your web browser:


Download on the App Store

Convenient and available with extended functions in the App Store for the iPad:



Perfectly simulated material textures. Enjoy realistic and detailed visualisations of furniture in real time.


Get started with your new home in the room planner:

1) Select the floor plan from a template, or simply draw on it. Using your finger or a mouse.
2) Tap the floor and select a variant.
3) Set or hide the colour of the walls.
4) Drag and drop doors and windows into the walls. Specify the dimensions and position.


Put your very own product designs in place and coordinate their dimensions.

Walk through and experience the room – virtually (switch to the keyboard for navigation in the web browser).

Save the project and share it with others.

Save the project and load an earlier project.

Share a project with others. Send a URL / link to open in another device’s or iPad’s web browser.

Share ideas. Prepare consultations. Inspire colleagues. Confirm orders and give the gift of anticipation.


The iPad and Apple’s latest tracking technology allow you to project all the furniture into your own rooms for an immediate live experience.

Check the desired design, walk around beautiful objects, assess dimensions and rate finishes in the existing ambience.



  1. Configure the furniture.
  2. Move the furniture to the centre of the virtual room (WILLISAU logo).
  3. To start with, lay a section of floor that contrasts as much as possible (parquet, tiles, carpet transitions or patterns, or even one or two magazines and newspapers smoothly on the floor if the floors are plain or dull; anything but plain and dark).
  4. Hold the iPad above the floor with the camera at waist level.
  5. Select Live Mode from the menu.
  6. Move the iPad horizontally to the left / right and forwards / backwards, filming the differences on the floor.
  7. The product appears on the marker as soon as the tracker has detected the floor.
  8. Use your fingers to push the product away from the centre to a free part of the room or move backwards away from the product until it is completely visible on the screen. It initially remains on the marker and can then be placed anywhere in the room.

THIS IS INGENIOUS: save as 3D-Object.obj

The size, material texture and colour of all the product configurations, and entire scenarios, can be exported as a 3D object file in OBJ format for further processing in other planning programs.

This enables universal use in all common architecture programs. Simply import the objects into Palette CAD, KPS, furnplan, SketchUp, pCon.planner, Roomle, RoomSketcher, Vectorworks, AutoCAD and more besides .


SketchUp Add On:

An extension is required for further processing of .obj files in Sketch-Up. See YouTube tutorial: How to import .obj file in SketchUp